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General Use of Cattle Fence/ Sheep Fence/ Animal Fence Manufacturer
1. Fence for Grassland, Breeding, Forestry
2. Fence for Highway, Isolation of sites 
3. Fence for Cow, Cattle, Horse, Goats, Chicken, Poultry, Deer, Animal husbandry.


Advantage of Cattle Fence/ Sheep Fence/ Animal Fence,
1. Farm fence can stand against fierce striking of cattle, Horse or goats, Sheep 
2. Durable, Lifetime can reach to twenty years. Easy maintenance. 
3. Farm fence is light, Easy to transport and install, Ventilates diaphanous.
4. Knotted wire mesh offers high strength and tensile strength
5. Good pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance



Packaging  Details: Water proof paper inside and plastic outside, we can also caaording to customers' requirement

Delivery Detail:

Within 15 days after we receive your deposit


Origin: China
Payment Terms: TT
Shipment: Sea Voyage

Packaging: As per demand